Greek Mythological Names for Dogs

Zeus- obviously for your alpha leader. (male)

Hera- a good name for a jealous dog. (female)

Ares- have a dog that just loves to start fights? (male)

Athena- for the dog that jumps out of your head after you have split it with an axe. (female)

Aphrodite- maybe you have a dog that never seems to tire of looking at itself in the mirror. (female)

Hephaestus- great for the ugly dogs. (male)

Artemis- for the dog that loves nothing more than a good run through the woods. (female)

Poseidon- have a dog who loves the water? (male)

Hades- good for that dog that digs with real determination. (male)

Apollo- bestow this upon the dog that never lies. (male)

Hermes- for the flight-footed dog. (male)

Perseus- just in case you have a dog who brings you Medusa's head. (male)

Hercules- for the dog that looks like Kevin Sorbo. (male)

Helen- the dog all the males fight over. (female)

Odysseus- have a dog that is always getting lost? (male)