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X-Men Names for Dogs

Professor Xavier- -In case you have a hairless, crippled, alpha leader. (male)

Cyclops- -For the dog who stares at you so hard it seems like he is trying to set you on fire. (male)

-Storm -A good name for the dog who can summon up tornados at will. (female)

Beast- -For the extremely intelligent dog who looks big and fierce but really just wants a chemistry set. (male)

Morph- -Have a dog that is always making faces? (male)

Rogue- -A dog with a white streak through its hair should be named this. (female)

Wolverine- -For the dog with incredibly sharp nails. (male)

Ice Man- -For the dog that is always sticking his cold nose on you. (male)

Cable- -If you have a dog with a star on one eye. (male)

Pheonix- -For the dog with glowing eyes. (female)

Nightcrawler- -For the dog who is missing a couple of fingers and toes, likes to climb around a lot, and loves to go out at night. (male)