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X-Files Names for Dogs

Mulder (male) - a good name for the dog that finds everything you try to hide.

Scully (female) - for the analitical dog with red hair.

Skinner (male) - great for the dog with a receding hairline, or any of the hairless breeds.

Krycek (male) - have a dog that is always stabbing you in the back? maybe biting your friends?

Deep Throat (male) - a good name for a dog that lurks around in the shadows whispering.

Tooms (male) - for the dog who likes to stretch a lot.

Chupacobra (male or female) - ever catch your dog sucking on a goat or hanging out the middle of a bunch of green rain? This one is also great for any of the mexican breeds.

Eve (1,2,3,etc.) (female) - if you have a bunch of dogs that all look alike.

Langly (male) - for the skinny dog with long blond hair who horks a lot.

Byers (male) - good name for the most well-dressed of your dogs.

Frohike (male) - for the short, balding dog.

Samantha (female) - if you have a dog that you can't find anywhere and you aren't really sure what happened to her, though you strongly suspect abduction.

Flukeman (male) - have a dog that looks like a worm?

Max Fenig (male) - for the dog who keeps getting abducted.

The Cigarette Smoking Man or Cancer Man (male) - for all the dogs out there who chain smoke.