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The Tick Names for Dogs

Dinosaur Neil - for the dog that never seems to stop growing. (male)

Paul the Samarui - good for all of the Japanese breeds. (male)

Arthur - chubby, white dogs that are scared a lot fit this name perfectly. (male)

Tick - for all of the big dogs that also happen to be blue and have antenea on their heads.(male)

Death-Hug Dean - great for the dog that can't help but jump on you when you come through the door. (male)

Sewer Urchin - ever bathe your dog? (male)

Diefleidermouse - for the dog that is all bark. (male)

Midnight bomber what bombs at midnight. - a good name for the nocturnal dog that barks a lot and runs around as if in a frenzy. (male)

Caped Chameleon - for the dog that does not like plaid. (male)

El Seed - good for all of the Spanish breeds. (male)

The Human Bullet - for the dog who will suddenly launch across your yard without any evident destination. (male)

Chairface Chippendale - good if you have a dog that has a chair for a face. (male)