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Star Wars Names for Dogs

Luke Skywalker- Always seems to be whining about something "I wanna go to taschi station!" (male)

Han- For the dog who thinks all he has to do is look at you with his puppy dog eyes and all of the bad things he has done will be forgotten. (male)

Princess Leia- Headstrong and loves a rougue. Helps if she has large round ears. (female)

Chewbacca- Any long haired breed. (male)

Darth Vader- For the black-haired dog who, when mad, puts his paw up in the air and suddenly you feel as if you are choking. (male)

Yoda- Good for the small breeds with big ears, such as the Chihuahuas. (male)

Rancor- Have a dog that is constantly slobbering and will eat almost anything? (male, I think)

Taun Taun- Any dog big enough to ride like a horse, preferably a smelly dog.(female or male)

Waprat- For the small dogs. (male or female)

Jawa- In case you have a dog with glowing red eyes who steals your stuff all of the time. (male or female)

Anakin Skywalker- Sure he does bad things, but he always feels sorry for it later. (male)

Jabba- For the fat dog who spends a lot of time licking his lips. (male)

Grand Moff Tarkin- For the dog who is thin and mean. (male)

C-3PO- Have a dog with a golden coat? Does he bark and bark and bark? Is he annoying? (male)

R2D2- For the short round dog who is positive that someone other than you is his master. (male)

Lando- If your dog is so lovable that you just know he is after something. (male)

Wampa- For the white-haired dog who loves to sneak up behind you or anyone else for that matter and then paw the dickens out of them. (female or male)

Boba Fett- Have a dog that always takes you to the one person you were trying to avoid? (male)

Wicket or just plain Ewok- Cute at first, but eventually you want to kill it. (male or female)

Emperor Palpatine- For the wrinkled dog who always hangs out on the dark side of the room and use all kinds of tricks to make you join him over there.(male)

These names were created largely due to the imagination of my brother-in-law, Randal. Thanks Randal.