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Hi everyone. Here are some pictures of our new house.

Here is the front of our house.

Here is the side of our house as you come around towards the front door.

Here is the view coming through the front door.

Here is the living room, please excuse the mess.

Here is the kitchen as seen from the living room.

This is the view looking into the kitchen.

This is the view looking out of the kitchen, and believe me, Alex is a fixture in that view.

Now we walk past the kitchen and down the hallway.

And here is the doorway to the music room.

Here is Travis' drum kit.

The room next to the music room is the computer room.

Here is the master bathroom.

Here is Travis taking a picture of himself in the bathroom mirror.

Here is the view of the backyard if you come out of the back door and look right.

Here is the view if you come out and look to the left.

Here is the view of the house when standing in the far corner of the backyard.

Here is me in the backyard as seen from the front yard. You can see Loki behind me, terrorizing the Great Danes that live behind us.

Me again.

Me and Alex.

Me and Loki and Alex.

Loki and Alex playing.