Here is the story of what we have been up to here in North Carolina.

As soon as we got here and had the truck unloaded, we got the computer plugged in and proceeded to play Fallout -a post nuclear role playing game instead of unpacking.

Here is Alex watching us play Fallout.

Weirdo and Jack got tired of the game and took a nap together.

Eventually even Alex and Loki got tired of the game and they too took a nap.

We began to feel guilty for spending all of our time on the game and decided to take the dogs out and clean up a bit. Jack and Weirdo were excited .

Weirdo enjoyed the yard.

Jack also enjoyed the yard.

Loki enjoyed staring through the fence at the dog next door.

Alex was also lured over to look at the dog next door and eventually so was Weirdo.

Jack however was not interested.

Slowly the dogs got tired of the backyard. It was cold and the sun was shining in their eyes.

The dogs decided that they wanted to come back inside.

Once the dogs got back in the house they were appalled by the mess.

Weirdo tried to put herself above the horid mess.

We felt bad and decided to clean up. I started with the kitchen.

It was a long hard task, but slowly the kitchen was taking form.

While I worked in the kitchen, Travis got the computer room put together.


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