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Klingon names for dogs

All names can be used for either males or females.

Unless you are familiar with the Klingon language, you may find it hard to pronounce some of these names. It should help you to know that the capitalized letters are where the accent appears in the word. Another tip is that all Klingon words are very gutteral; they should be pronounced as if your were trying to, excuse the expression, hock a loogey. Good Luck.

-(to be white) obviously for any white dog.

chuQun- (nobility) For the dog who acts as if it is a Queen or King.

chuvmey- (leftovers) This is good one to use when there is only one dog left out of a litter and that is the dog that you get.

DaS- (boot) Okay so your dogs feet are a different color than the rest of his body... please don't just name him boots.

DenIb Qatlh- (denebian slime devil) For the dogs who rank high on the slobber factor.

DIv- (to be guilty) For the dog who can't seem to stay out of trouble.

Dogh- (to be foolish or silly) self explanitory.

Doghjey- (unconditional surrender) Everytime anyone walks anywhere near your dog, he rolls over and shows his stomach.

Dor- (Escort) This one is an inventive name for your seeing eye dog.

Doq- (to be orange or red) Obviously for those who own an orange or red dog.

ghargh- (serpent or worm) For all of the Dacshunds, Basset Hounds and Corgis of the world.

ghegh- (to be rough) A good name for the dog who is a rough-houser.

ghIch- (nose) Got a scent hound?

ghogh- (voice) For the dog who barks and barks.

ghung- (to be hungry) Great for the dog who just relishes dinner time.

Ha'DI bah- (animal) Have a dog that is a bit on the wild side?

Hurgh- (to be dark) For the dog who has a dark coat.

jat- (tongue) For the lickers.

ramjep- (midnight) A name for dogs with a black coat.

tera'ngen- (human) Some dogs just don't realise that they are dogs.

yuch- (chocolate) For the dog with a chocolate colored coat.