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Deep Space Nine Names for Dogs

Martok - the dogs with only one eye just love this name. (male)

Odo - great name for the dogs with a gruff voice who can change shape at will. (male)

Morn - for the quiet, wrinkled dog with latinum in his stomach. (male)

Quark - the dog with big ears who you can't quite trust is perfect for this name. (male)

Benjamin Sisko - the tough black dogs who see visions will fit this name well. (male)

Kira Nerys - if you have a small but undeniably tough dog name her this. (female)

Q - for your Alpha leader. (male)

Julian Bashir - a good choice for the genetically enigineered dog that can do almost anything.(male)

Kai Wynn - have an evil, fat, blond-haired dog? (female)

Garak - for the sneaky dog whom you slowly come to realise knows more tricks than Lassie. (male)

One from Voyager.. just because.

Seven of Nine - for the dog who prances around in a skin-tight outfit. (female)

Do you demand more Star Trek names?? Well here are some Klingon names for your dog.