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Batman Names for Dogs

Batman (Bruce Wayne, when you are mad) - a good name for a dog who has pointed ears and likes to go out at night. (male)

Robin - for the dog who follows your other dog who is named Batman around. (male)

Poison Ivy - Have a dog that loves plants? (female)

Harley Quinn - for the dog with the high-pitched, annoying voice. (female)

The Joker - great for a dog who laughs almost all of the time, and has blue fur. (male)

The Riddler - for the dog who can never give you a straight answer. (male)

Mr. Freeze - have dog that is always sticking it's cold nose on you? (male)

Clayface - for the dog that looks different everytime you see him. (male)

Cat Woman - a female dog who is more cat than dog. (female)