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Babylon 5 Names for Dogs

Sheridan (male)- for the alpha leader of your pack.

G'Kar (male)- Great name for a spotted dog.

Delenn (female) - for the dog with a bony protusion on it's head.

Londo Mollari (male)- loud dogs who can't seem to stay out of trouble and drink a lot should be named this.

Leeta Alexander (female) - a name for the dog who always seems to know what you are thinking.

Marcus Cole (male)- good for any of the British breeds as long as they are unfailing polite and devoted.

Susan Ivanova (female) - for the aloof dog who has trouble showing affection.

Garibaldi (male)- got one of the hairless breeds? is he tough?

Natoth (female) - for the spotted, more aggressive females, love this one.

Lennier (male)- for the dog who has unrequited love.

Vir Cotto (male)- good for the more submissive dogs... doesn't hurt if they carry a little extra weight too.

Kosh (male or female after all, who really knows?)- Great name for a dog who you never understand...a dog surrounded by mystery.

Morden (male)- maybe you have a dog that always seems to be getting the other dogs in trouble, maybe he hangs around in the dark a lot.